Athena Greene, BSN RN

Athena K. Greene, BSN RN, is the founder and the CEO of Versatile Drip, LLC, a Medical Spa that helps many clients on their wellness journey by educating them about wellness and alternative treatments as a whole and its qualities and also helps licensed professionals to gain their certificates and Cannabis business.

She was born and raised in Spring Valley, New York. As she grew up, she had a deep passion for education, more so knowledge which was reflected later in life when she was enrolled for LPN, ADN where she was awarded a Licensed Practical Nurse diploma. Having completed her course, she was employed as a Licensed Practical Nurse where she amassed a 10-year of experience in different specialties. During the 10 years, she had a lot of firsthand experience in various fields, that is; nursing experience corrections, Med Surg, telemetry, internal medicine clinic, OBGYN clinic, family medicine clinic, pediatrics clinic, home health, long-term care, and also Skilled facilities. Last year in December she completed another degree, her RN ADN from Excelsior College and continued on to Capella University and received her Bachelor’s in Nursing.

Two years ago in January, she enrolled in a medical cannabis consultant course where she achieved a certificate to practice as a medical cannabis consultant. She also portrayed entrepreneurial and managerial skills which were magnified when she founded her own company. She provides services such as education on cannabis, IV hydration, Weight loss, Detox, micro-needling, (PRP) Platelet Rich Plasma, follow-ups, and information on how to start your own Medical Cannabis Consulting Company and more. Her passion for her profession originally started after taking care of her grandmother who had a severe stroke and she fell in love with the idea of taking care of loved ones, especially those suffering from terminal illnesses. Her passion grew stronger in the last two years after the death of her father from complications of diabetes.

The push behind establishing the company was pegged on the urge to help clients use traditional treatments and other beneficial alternative treatments such as cannabis. Having rich background knowledge in cannabis treatment, she aims at passing on the knowledge to clients on the different mixtures of cannabis part and hemp that can be used for their ailment. She also aims at educating licensed professionals on how they can become medical cannabis consultants and also how to set up a successful business.

In her field, she would like to show the benefits of using the traditional treatment and alternative treatments and encourage her clients that they have a great nurse in their corner who they can count on.

Besides her career, she has a social life whereby she is married to a lovely man and has 4 beautiful children and 2 granddaughters. During her free time, she uses her innate sewing talent by making face masks, pillows, and t-shirts. As stated earlier, Athena loves knowledge, thus anytime she gets a chance she embraces reading any educational material to gain new knowledge.